Removing All Content From Your Zune

There may be times when you want to remove all content on your Zune device and start fresh. I did this recently when I got my Zune 80 back from the repair center. To do this, you can connect your Zune to your PC and start up the Zune Software. Next, under the “Settings” and “Device” heading you’ll see a page as shown below:

(click on image to enlarge it)

If you click on the “Clear All Content” button, every music, video, picture, and podcast file will be erased from your Zune device. This is useful when you want to remove all the preloaded files that come with a new Zune.

Warning: Make sure you have all your music/video/picture files archived in a safe place, as you don’t want to have the Zune software delete them! (Especially if you’ve defined your Zune monitored folders).


3 thoughts on “Removing All Content From Your Zune

  1. Travis says:

    I was getting the error Usage “rights have expired” or something close to that when I would try to play any music on my 8GB Zune. After reading several posts and possible fixes (hard reset ETC.), it still didn’t work. I finally just removed all the media on my Zune by deleting all the content, Music, Video, Pictures and Podcasts. Then diconnected the Zune and reconnected it.

    It worked great!!


  2. Morgan says:

    I was one of those people who had my Zune erase all my pictures off my laptop & i didnt have any of them backed up. Needless to say 5 years worth of precious pictures have been lost. Do you know of any way on how to get them back? Ive spoken to tons of computer experts who say they are gone for life, yet my folders on my pc still show that memory is being held for these “missing pictures” 😦

    So how do i erase all of my zune files just off my zune WITHOUT erasing my pictures off my laptop?

  3. zunetips says:

    Morgan: If you can find the folder on your Desktop PC that contains your picture files, you can try copying that folder to a different location on your PC. That way, you’ve made a backup copy of those files that the Zune Software shouldn’t know about. Or, you can try removing the link to the picture file folder defined in the Zune Software settings.

    Also, you can try double-clicking on the trash icon on your desktop to see what files are in there. You might get lucky and see your picture files that have been deleted, and thus you can try to restore them.

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