Subscribing to Any Podcast

The Zune Marketplace has numerous audio and video podcasts that you can subscribe to, but what if you came across a podcast that wasn’t available on the Marketplace site? For example, let’s say you found a good heath fitness podcast which you wanted to subscribe to… how can you do that for your Zune?

In the Zune Software, you can click on “Collection” and “Podcasts” which will bring up the screen shown below:

(click on image to enlarge it)

Here, you can can click on the “Add a Podcast” button (lower left of the screen) to bring up a “Subscribe” box, which will allow you to enter a http URL for the desired podcast. Once you do that, you should see your new podcast in the list on the left, and if you click on it, you’ll see the Zune Software beginning to download the last few podcast broadcasts (see below):

So, where can you find external podcasts and what URL should you be looking for? A great place for lots of podcasts is which has numerous broadcasts. On their site, select a podcast of interest and look for a “Subscribe” or “Feed” button or URL. For example, the health fitness podcast that I found had the Feed, “” which is what I specified in the Zune Software to subscribe to it.

So, essentially any podcast feed that you can watch on your PC or an iPod will also work for your Zune. Be careful, though: you might get addicted to podcasts and never get any work done!


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