Boring Sunday…

It’s a boring Sunday afternoon. My wife is at an all-day Scrapbooking event with her friends and I’m home having to entertain my 4-year old son. That means I’m not getting anything done today! He’s currently napping, so what am I doing for the next two hours? Converting FLV video files to WMV format on my Desktop PC, and removing crappy video converter programs and old files from my laptop. How nerdy is that? (I think as I adjust my coke-bottle glasses with my index finger). And guess what? When I’m done cleaning up my laptop I’m going to defrag and run some registry cleaner programs! Big time nerd event going on here!!

In any case, everything is going well on the Zune front. With my TV Tuner card/DVRMSToolbox setup recording and converting TV shows for my Zune and my new found veoh/ videos, I’ve got plenty of videos to watch while on my business trips. What’s nice, is that my Zune has enough battery power to watch about three 45-minute videos (which is about all I can take at one sitting). I’m also going back to watching video podcasts again (particularly the Nova and Comedy Central clips).

So if you’re doing anything more exciting (or more boring) than I am, please let me know!

Enjoy your Sunday.


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