Free Videos For Your Zune!

I just posted a new page titled “ & Video Downloading” that details how to download videos from sites like and and convert them for playback on your Zune. The trick, is finding the playing video file’s http address and downloading that file onto your Desktop PC. The page I wrote up discusses using a program called Orbit Downloader to “sniff” out the desired video file and download it.

The downloaded file is in FLV file format, which you’ll need to convert to WMV format for your Zune. I’ve outlined the steps required to do this using an example.

What I really like about the and sites, are the available video content for viewing and/or downloading. They have a lot of older TV Show episodes available (my favorite is The Time Tunnel), but also newer TV Shows and Movies. Here’s a short list of what I found on these sites:


October Sky
Quest For Fire
Meet Joe Black
The Usual Suspects
Muholland Drive

Requiem for a Dream
Joe Kidd
January Man
Permanent Midnight
Fierce People
The Man Who Never Was

These are full feature length movies, not clips. They also have a variety of TV Shows such as:

TV Shows:

New Amsterdam
The Riches
Lipstick Jungle
The Pretender
Canterbury’s Law
Fantasy Island
Murder One
The Crow
It Takes a Thief
Friday Night Lights
Hart to Hart
Equal Justice

Lots more movies and shows available. You’ll need to follow the procedure that I’ve outlined on my page to download and convert these videos for your Zune. My method required three steps:

1) Download video file
2) Convert FLV video to AVI format
3) Convert AVI to WMV (v9) format

Having to convert twice is a pain, but it was the only method I could find to successfully convert the FLV file to WMV format (with the WMV9 video codec). The WMV9 requirement is necessary to avoid transcoding of the WMV file during syncing.

If you have a better method, please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Free Videos For Your Zune!

  1. ron says:

    why don’t you use SUPER © to convert flv to wmv or mp4?
    by the way, how can we know the video file’s http address?

  2. zunetips says:

    ron: I prefer to convert videos to WMV format over MP4, since I can utilize meta data tags to display video description, etc. (which I can’t do with MP4 files). Also, I believe the SUPER program creates WMV files in WMV8 format, which requires transcoding when syncing with a Zune.

  3. ron says:

    got it!
    now that we can edit meta data of MP4 by zune new software,
    i think the problem has been solved. 🙂

  4. Randy says:

    I believe Any Video Converter has a freeware program with wmv9 and batch support. I haven’t given it a try though.

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