TV Episode Sort Ordering

With the ability to define the Season number, Episode number, and aired date for each TV Show video that I have on my Zune (using the new version 2.5 Zune Software), I noticed through experimentation that I can control the Episode sort order by adjusting the aired date. For example, I did a quick Google search for the episode number and aired date for the Time Tunnel videos I have synced to my Zune. I then edited each of those videos (buy right clicking them and selecting “Edit” in the Zune Software) to adjust their season and episode number and aired date.

Now when I resync my videos I see the episodes sorted correctly, with the episode number to the left of the episode title as shown below:

Pretty slick! Now, it’s much easier to add a new TV episode that fits between the episodes already synced to my Zune. I did run into one snag, where the Zune device shows duplicate episode titles. I corrected that problem by selecting all the episodes for a show in the Zune Software, right clicking and selecting “Do not sync”. That removed the video files from my Zune, and then I reversed the process by selecting “Sync to Zune” which resynced them.

So, it appears that the aired date is the crucial meta data tag for episode ordering. Unfortunately, I don’t think applications like dSHARPIE can edit that particular tag, or the season/episode tag.


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