Zune Software and OS Updates Available

I noticed this morning that Microsoft released updates for the Zune. Below is what I saw in the business section of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Both the Desktop Zune Software and Zune device have updates (version 2.5) available for download. To start the update process, run your existing version of the Zune Software on your Desktop PC and click the “Check for Updates…” button as shown in the image below:

This will start the update process, where the latest version 2.5 of the Zune Software will be downloaded and installed on your system. After the installation, connect your Zune device and you should see a notice to update it’s OS version as well.

The biggest change is the availability of videos for purchase and download from the Zune Marketplace. Currently, they only offer TV Shows (no movies), and you must purchase them using Zune Microsoft Points. A more extensive review of the changes to the Zune Software can be found on these sites:

GotZune – article 1
GotZune – article 2
GotZune – article 3

ZuneThoughts – article 1
ZuneThoughts – article 2

Once nice feature that I found immediately was the ability to edit meta data for video files directly from the Zune Software. If you right click on a specific video thumbnail in your collection and select “Edit…” from the dropdown menu, you’ll see a dialog box such as this:

From what I can tell, you still can’t define an album art cover image for your video files or define TV episode sorting with the new software (maybe that will be fixed in the next release?).

So, I suggest you do the upgrade when you have some time and check out the improvements to the Zune Software.


One thought on “Zune Software and OS Updates Available

  1. Aaron says:

    omg, finally no more pain in the ass tigo tago. THANK you Microsoft. That alone is better than the video downloads

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