Downloading Videos From Web Sites

In a previous posting I explained how you can use the utility program called Orbit Downloader to download FLV files from web sites onto your PC. For good TV video content I mention two web sites ( and, however, you can use this technique on most web sites that play FLV files. For example, and have FLV videos which you can “sniff” out using the Orbit Downloader and download to your PC. I tested this by downloading a few episodes such as Numb3rs, Big Bang Theory, Bionic Woman, and an old Twilight Zone show. In fact, CBS has all the old Star Trek original series episodes available for viewing (or downloading) if you’re into some retro-SciFi.

Note, that some web site (like and use a different method for streaming video (not FLV) and thus this technique didn’t seem to work. But, there’s plenty of web sites that play FLV files just waiting for Orbit Downloader to save to your PC’s hard drive.

And after you save the FLV file, you’ll need to go through the process of convert it to WMV format for your Zune (again, see my previous posting for details).


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