Applications for your Zune

With the recent release of the XNA SDK for game development, a lot of resourceful people have already started creating applications (not games) for the Zune. This link on shows three such applications (e.g., clock, calculator, and calendar). With this capability, a developer could create whatever application they wanted so long as it stays within the boundaries of what is available for game programming. Wouldn’t it be cool to have your MS-Outlook calendar and contacts synced to your Zune? What about having the ability to use a WiFi connection at a local coffee shop to check emails, or web browse? Of course, this is assuming the XNA SDK would allow for such access to the device’s WiFi and other system functions. Also, you’re limited to what you can input using a touchpad control and a few buttons. I’m sure some clever and resourceful developers will come up with some interesting applications for the Zune!

Currently, the only major limitation is installing such applications on your Zune. So far as I can tell, you need to install the Visual Studio C# Express development software on your PC to make a connection to your Zune to upload the applications. This is still a bit too techie for most people, so I don’t think a lot of Zune owners will be installing applications. But then again, a clever developer could probably create an simple installer application to circumvent this issue.

So, stand back and wait for the flood of cool apps soon to be coming our way for the Zunes!


8 thoughts on “Applications for your Zune

  1. Bob Davis says:

    It wasn’t to techie to do. Once you download the Visual C# & the Applications you just open Visual C#, Open the file that has the app, find the opperating file then in the toolbar “build” appears, click deploy & it goes straight to your Zune. I forgot you first have to add a device, it found my Zune 30 right away. I put in all three devices & 6 games found on GOTZUNE. They all worked great!!

  2. nik says:

    The installation of applications onto the Zune should be more simpler but then again the release of the Zune SDK would cause people to develop weak applications and games.

  3. prabin says:

    microsoft word and powerpoint viewer would be cool in zune device

  4. The reason I bought a Zune was basically the hardware it had; so many cool apps can be developed for a tool with a wifi-big screen and a 120gb drive 🙂

  5. Madison Scott says:

    Where does it say HOW to add apps to your zune though??

  6. manu says:

    How to upload skype to HTC TROPHY window7 phone. via zune ??

  7. nick says:

    i think zune should add a texting app and a daily cross word puzzle app. that would be nice.

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