Teenager Sells Zune Forum Site for $60K

If you haven’t heard already, a 15 year old kid who created the Zune forum site called “Zuneboards.com” sold it earlier this year to a company for $60k US. Isn’t that incredible? You can read the Boston Herald online article at this link. His site is essentially a single forum where people post messages for others to read and comment on. I’ve visited this site a few times in the past, but stopped going to it because of all the adolescent posting and drama involved. If I remember correctly, people were posting negative comments about other posters on a competing Zune forum site and I just didn’t want to read about all that junk. Maybe I’m getting old, but that stuff just doesn’t entertain me.

So, I couldn’t understand why someone (or some company) would purchase this forum site for $60k. But then I read that the purchaser (called “crowdGather”) is a marketing company that plans to use this site for advertisement purposes. After learning this, I realized that this does make some sense. The big thing on the internet is “Social Networking” with lots of young people actively involved with sites such as FaceBook, etc. The Zuneboards forums is essentially a similar thing, in forum format. The Boston Herald article stated that ZuneBoards had a membership of 60,000 people, so it probably is a good platform for advertising and marketing to the teen population.

The teen owner stated that he was making about $1,000 per month in advertisement clicks on this site, which seems quite low considering how many visitors he probably had each day. However, that’s pretty good considering his overhead is probably low and the fact he’s not at the legal working age yet. My hats off to him for his ingenuity and I hope he continues in his life with more prosperous ventures.

BTW, is anyone wants to buy Zune Tips Weblog, it is certainly for sale! No bids lower than $10, please. 🙂


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