Controlling Windows Media Center From Your Smartphone

While I’m on business travel, I sometimes forget to set the Windows Media Center software on my home desktop PC to record a special show or event. Luckily, there exists an application called WebGuide4 that allows me to remotely examine my current recording schedule, and make whatever changes I see fit. It’s all web-browser based, so I can make the changes either in a desktop web browser like FireFox or Internet Explorer, or from Pocket Internet Explorer on my Moto-Q smartphone!

Much like the LogMeIn software (which I mentioned in a previous posting), you install a small server application on your home PC which listens for a requested connection from the outside internet world. You can initiate a connection from a remote PC (or your Smartphone) by pointing your web browser to a specific web address that is designated for your computer with a user-defined port access number. This will bring up a special login screen where you can log into your computer system (via the small web server application) to see your current recording schedule and make changes if necessary. I particularly like the fact I can do this using my Moto-Q phone while waiting at the airport or whenever I have some free time on a business trip.

The WebGuide software also has a provision for streaming recorded video to your remote desktop screen, but I found that it works pretty slow and is somewhat unreliable (probably a function of the internet speed).

Since this is all free, it’s definitely worth checking out and playing with if you like to stay connected to your PC and not miss any favorite shows!


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