Excite.com Email Sucks

I’ve been using excite.com as my primary email for the last several years, mainly because it’s a “permanent” email address that I can use, which doesn’t change regardless of what ISP I happen to be using. It has worked pretty well for me, and I especially like using it because I use Excite.com as my main home page for news, sports, TV listings, etc. Just recently, Excite changed their web email interface to something that appears to be Java-based, and it just plain sucks. It’s slow to start up, the emails that I select take forever to load up and be displayed, and I just hate it!

It’s obvious why Excite made this change, since I now have a giant ad sitting at the bottom of my screen (which takes up so much room I can hardly read my email message). So, it looks like I need to get off of using Excite for email and try something else. And, I might as well look for a better news page to use as my home page. So in my opinion, Excite just shot themselves in the foot with this change…


30 thoughts on “Excite.com Email Sucks

  1. jose says:

    I totally agree!!!!!!!

  2. maw says:

    Yep, really SUCKS! The blinking ads are driving me bonkers and being over 50, I need lots of “space” to “see” my mail. I’ve read you can double click, but why waste time? They get plenty of ads to pop-up on the front page and on all the links, i.e. those news icons.
    And something that has bothered me from day one – there are no “customer care” links anyplace….at least that I’ve never been able to find. Most of those FAQs never answer my questions.
    So, they’ve lost my busines…I’m switching over to Google mail….plenty of GB, no ads flashing at you…and they actually have a ton of “support options”, one of which is emailing a comment or suggestion.
    Has my vote.

  3. maw says:

    Would you like to read more?

    Try the following link:

  4. DG says:

    I agree w/ u totally. I have been using Excite for email for the past 6 yrs. Once apon a time they had an alert (when u’ve gotten new mail) I thought that was a really cool feature. One day I logged into my account and everything was gone. I had no contacts, no emails, no answers and no way to contact Excite except through email-which they never responded. I’ve never had a problem w/ any craxy, sexual type of emails and now I get a little of everything. As far as the new look goes, that’s all it is- a great look. I barely check the mail now because it takes all day to load and the view is so narrow!! What were they thinking?

  5. stan says:

    Is there any way to transfer excite mail to google mail,I hate the new excote mail and there is no way to transport all my stored info to another e mail service as far as I know,also, no way to contact excite

  6. ken says:

    Absolutely correct. 1st off all the carp is coming thru, it takes forever and leaves little space to read emails. Now it doesn’t even recognize my user/password, so I can only get on at home because my shortcut no longer connects.
    IT IS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. virginia says:

    What a let down!!! Have used excite for many years and here’s this ‘totally new’ (but FAR from improved) mail service that leaves small areas for email, takes forever to do anything, my mail doesn’t display like it used to, I have nothing good to say about this change at all, to me it was a HUGE mistake, like when Coca-Cola screwed up years ago and changed their flavor to be like Pepsi, BIG MISTAKE, yea, and guess what happened to that one??? Back to the ‘old’ way, right? I changed over to Yahoo and had to manually transfer all my addresses as they wouldn’t even recognize excite as one to transfer addresses from. I go in there now only to delete the junk and that takes forever, which I was doing this a.m. and it wouldn’t even connect so I could get to the ‘junk mail.’

  8. zunetips says:

    Yeah, it does look like Excite shot themselves in the foot with this email change. I’ve switched to using iGoogle for my main home page (loaded with news, etc) and gmail.com as my new general email provider. It’s amazing how fast the gmail web interface loads up compared to Excite.

  9. LL says:

    and online support is worse!
    It’s such a shame, too. Excite was one of the early, easy access email providers and had developed a loyal user base. It’s amazing how good and convenient it was to use and how it’s been made obviously worse in an apparent deliberate attempt to alienate its users. (How can they not see this?) I’m looking for an alternative — came across your post and HAD to comment, commiserate.
    Good luck. I hope Excite gets their act together…

  10. Ebony Filgate says:

    I’ve been using Excite email since most of you were in diapers.
    This has to be THE worst example of ‘banglish’ code ever written.
    I could do better with Pascal, Fortran, & C+++++! Maybe a little more, but not much.

  11. Shawn Treehorn says:

    Can they just put back the old email client? The new one is horrible and very, very slow.

  12. DALE says:

    I’m leaving excite.com if they don’t straighten this crap out.Other then mail I’m
    also having problems in other areas and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way
    to contact them.

  13. Lynn says:

    The site has been totally screwed up since yesterday. I tried a few times but couldn’t access either the site or the email. It’s quite behind!

  14. Bill M says:

    It really sucks I get 30 or so emails a day and it takes forever to sort through them. The window I have is less than 2 inches wide and it’s really hard to do a quick scan. If anybody from Excite cares they sure don’t express it. I have to change my email to something I can see 20 or more emails at a time and click delete all and un-check the ones I want to keep.

    I would like to nominate them for the worst business decision and customer service of the year award.

  15. It is difficult for me to believe that the changes to Excite were intentional … and to call it an upgrade is a sad joke.

    While my website is not the model of efficiency, it does load within seconds rather than minutes, even on a dial up connection.

    If in the future I should decide to prevent users from accessing my site, rather than viewing my art, I will use mail excite as my model.

  16. Mike Murray says:

    I switched to Yahoo and forward all my emails there as I convert all my accounts to use Yahoo as my email address.
    Nothing more I can add to the hundreds, thousands of BS former Excite users.

  17. Debby says:

    I have switched to Yahoo after being with Excite since the beginning. Logging on to e-mail is painfully slow. I have to log on, wait, about 4 minutes, log OFF, then start again with id and password in order for it to load. I can no longer forward mail! Lost address book. Have recovered from that and am moving on. Good bye excite.

  18. Mr_Pete says:


  19. PRGringo says:

    Excite email is becoming unreliable. I cannot access it this morning. When I can log on, it is slow and at times foes not load at all.

    Time to switch to Google.

  20. zunetips says:

    I had the same issue this morning… I was able to log into my Excite email account but the inbox didn’t load. I normally don’t use my Excite email account much, but I still check it for messages. I also switched from the Exite home page to the iGoogle home page and everything seems to be working fine.

  21. LProm says:

    Excite email as of this day (6-30-2009) is basically complete garbage….
    If you can log in it just locks up!

    The scroll bar disappears, and some selected emails can’t be read. Email title text ghosts along with the cursor!

    I want to be able to select all and delete all!

    You can’t call an 800 number and complain!

    MSN Live works ok but some very annoying ads. Recently tried Mail(dot)com seem ok so far. Maybe I’ll try Yahoo next(?)

  22. shirley says:

    add Excite.com to the obituaries ……..my email is dead. Don’t bother to send them to my email, it is MIA

  23. DMG says:

    Opened up new accounts with aol, google, yahoo, hotmail to escape from the excite.com unreliability.

    excite.com eMail account can sign into but no access to list of messages / inbox.

    This is problem started yesterday (11 August) on a Win Vista machine IE8 and Google chrome
    and still a problem today on a Win XP machine.

  24. atikovi says:

    Same here, no access last 2 days. Just get a blank screen when I click on Mail.

  25. Aedan says:

    12 Aug and the hostage crisis is still on…you can login but the email never comes up…not looking good.

  26. therealtruth says:

    i am also looking into how to cancel my excite email account and ant seem to find a way to do so. i also agree they were good at one time then the changes made all the difference and now i am trying to cancel.

  27. zunetips says:

    I don’t think you can cancel your Excite email account. You can either try to contact Excite and ask them to cancel the email account or don’t use it and it should automatically cancel after a long time of inactivity.

  28. Fimber Anius says:

    Somehow I thought the problem was my ISP or my computer. Why can’t we leave what works alone, instead of trying to change the interface they could have increased the capacity for sending emails or allow users the option to forward emails to another address.

  29. criss says:

    I thought it was just me that suddenly got STUPID using excite email…..it’s ugly, extremely hard to use and so many popup things that seem to have a life of their own. I find it hard to open emails and impossible to delete all the EXTRA spam . I’m so glad I found this site, quite by accident as i”m not computer savey, because this siteis easy to use and lets me vent some of my frustration with excite’s CHANGES and know that I am not alone.

  30. prgringo says:

    Still having problems with Excite.com. The weather does not update and some news feeds are months old.

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