Google’s New Web Browser

Google recently released their new web browser called Chrome, which from the info on their web site, is a completely new browser designed for speed and reliability. If you want to try it out on your Windows system, you can download it from this link.

I downloaded Chrome on my laptop last night and gave it a test run. It has a very minimalistic appearance, without the traditional menu bar that we see on nearly all applications. It is touted as being fast, but I didn’t see much of a difference from FireFox (which I’ve been using for the last few years). Since I’m comfortable with FireFox, I probably won’t mess with Chrome unless I read more about how well it works for others.

It doesn’t surprise me the Google is coming out with their own browser. Microsoft is copying Google (trying to get into the ads business), and Google is now copying Microsoft with a new browser. Sometimes I think Google is trying to show up Microsoft, demonstrating that they can create better software at a much quicker pace. And if we look at the Microsoft-Google scorecard, we see the following:

Smartphone devices:

  • Google: Android OS (soon to be released)
  • Microsoft: Windows Mobile OS

Web Search engines:

  • Google: google, of course!
  • Microsoft: Windows Live Search

Web maps:

  • Google: Google Maps
  • Microsoft: Windows Live Maps

Office Applications:

  • Google: Online Java-based Word processing, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Microsoft: PC-Based Microsoft Office Applications


  • Google: web-based gmail
  • Microsoft: hotmail and msn email

I’m sure there’s more comparisons, but it’s clear that Google and Microsoft are competing in the same industry space. And that’s good, since that brings competition and should foster better and cheaper products.

As a side note, several years ago I was fed up with the constant crashing and slowness of the Windows 95 OS. So, I embarked on investigating other available OSes that could run on my 386-based PC clone system. I looked at the new BeOS and different variations of Linux, and I ended up coming full circle back to Microsoft Windows. At that time, it was the most complete OS available that simply worked. Sure, I needed to reboot my PC daily and applications would lock up, etc., but it was worse using the other OSes that I investigated. Of course, I could have gone the Apple Mac route, but at that time it would have been a big investment to make the change. So, even though people bash Microsoft for their OS and applications, in my opinion they still have the best available products.

So far as Google, from my own experiences and from what I’ve read in reviews, their stuff seems to be in a “almost there” state. They just need a little bit more to put them over the top. Hopefully, they will get there and I’ll be using more of their products, but until then I’ll stay with the traditional Microsoft tools.


3 thoughts on “Google’s New Web Browser

  1. Anurag says:

    I have been using Firefox for almost a year now, and my biggest problem with it is that it uses too many resources. I gave Chrome a shot and I felt it was a little faster to load up and was a little faster browser. What I was really impressed with was how it used almost 1/3rd of the memory than Firefox. There were couple things google really need to fix with Chrome (what happened to the pull down menu next to the address bar?) but I like it.

    I also gave IE 8.0 beta a try too and that too was impressive. Only half as many resources than Firefox and a cleaner look with webslices and couple other features.

  2. zunetips says:

    Anurag: Thanks for your comments. Interestingly, I just read a review of Google Chrome at the PC Mag site (link here). Their impressions of Chrome seemed to be lukewarm. Also, their assessment of the memory consumption between Chrome, FireFox, and IE8 showed FireFox as using the least amount of memory.

    This is all to be expected for a version 1.0 product (as they always say with Microsoft products, “… the 3rd time is the charm!)

  3. Anurag says:

    Interesting read. Thanks for the link.

    I am surprised about the memory consumption though. I see it in my task manager that Firefox is using more memory. I also have ran into many people who complain that Firefox use too many resources. Maybe it’s the add-ons that drive up the memory usage. I personally only use 4 add-ons. Surprisingly, Firefox has crashed on me quite a few times since I updated to the new one.

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