My New Home Page – iGoogle

Ok, I’m so fed up with the email thing (see my previous post) so I searched around for an alternative. My first stop was at iGoogle, which is a fully customized home page site that looks promising. iGoogle allows you to define multiple tabbed pages, where you can load different specific content based on “gadgets”. So I have a “Home” tab as well as a “Recipes” (for making something different for dinner), “PC Info”, and “Travel”. Now I can separate out news from travel info in the different tabs and have everything neatly organized. I also have an email gadget for previewing any email in my gmail inbox (yes, I’m trying also for my general email). It all looks pretty good so far.

The only thing that I’m missing, is the ability to view my local TV shows in grid format. I’ve got a few beta gadgets installed that claim to do this, but the data is off-line currently. But, no big deal, as this isn’t a show stopper. So, I’ll give this a go for a while and see how well it works out. Maybe I’ll try out Google’s online apps as well (such as Documents, Calendar, etc.) đŸ™‚


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