Are People Still Using Modems?

When I upgraded my old PC to give to my nieces, I noticed that the new motherboard that I purchased had a built-in modem. The same goes for the Dell laptop that I bought for my wife last Christmas. I was wondering, “how many people still use modems these days?”.

I’m not talking about cable modems, but rather the old 56k-baud phone modems that you use to dial a special phone number to connect to an Internet Service Provider. Remember those?

I’ve been using Comcast Cable to provide my house with hi-speed Internet access for over 10 years now (wow, times really flies!). And I know of other people using DSL from their phone company for high-speed internet connections.

With all the free-WiFi available in airports, coffee houses, hospitals, libraries, schools, etc. it seems that there’s lots of opportunity to connect easily to the Internet. Heck, even my local Safeway Food Market has free WiFi available (although I don’t see a reason to bring my laptop when I good food shopping!).

So I wonder, “how many people still use phone modem-based ISPs for Internet access?”. If you’re currently using a phone-modem for Internet access, drop me a response and let me know….


4 thoughts on “Are People Still Using Modems?

  1. I bought a PC a few months back and actually added a modem to my package from Dell. I bought my modem to enable on-screen caller id for Windows Media Center. I wondered at the same time who still used dial-up and it turns out there a number of older people in my church that still have not moved to broadband. The main reason I found is ignorance to what is available and not the cost.

    The other argument is that they do not use the internet enough. When I ask why the do not use the internet a lot the answer is usually because the speed is so slow. The move to broadband usually comes quickly after that.

  2. zunetips says:

    Andres: I didn’t think of the on-screen caller id… that’s a good idea. Fortunately for me, I don’t get a lot of phone calls that I want to answer anyways, so I won’t be needing that feature! 🙂

  3. ultraviolence74 says:

    people use it for faxing

  4. zunetips says:

    Very good point. Although, a lot of people are using the online fax system available. I believe my wife is using eFax to send and receive faxes via email.

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