Zune 3.0 Software and Firmware Upgrade

After coming back from a business trip, I decided to install the new Zune 3.0 Software and Firmware upgrade. I’ve read a lot of horror stories on the various forums of people “bricking” their Zunes during the upgrade procedure and having to send them to the Zune Repair Center for fixing, so that made me a bit nervous. But, I felt lucky today so I thought I’d give it a shot.

What took the longest was downloading the Zune upgrade software to my PC. Once I did that, I ran the installer which upgraded the Zune interface on my Desktop PC. I like the new interface (it appears cleaner) and I’m hoping it corrects some minor syncing issues I had with the previous version.

After the Zune software installation, I placed my Zune 80 in it’s cradle and made a connection with my PC. The Zune software immediately displayed a notice that I needed to upgrade the firmware, so I clicked the “Upgrade” button and after about 4 minutes my Zune’s firmware was upgraded to 3.0. It actually worked surprisingly well, as it didn’t require me to resync my video, music, or picture files.

The new firmware upgrade isn’t a radical change (which is good since I didn’t think the original interface needed much changing). It was basically “improved”, with the addition of a few new features and capabilities (the best being a clock!). Hopefully everything will work smoothly, and we can all take advantage of the new features that are unique to the Zune (and not available on the iPods).


One thought on “Zune 3.0 Software and Firmware Upgrade

  1. Ben says:

    Have you seen the revised now playing screen in the zune software. That’s pretty cool.

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