The Zune world appears to be calm and steady…

I haven’t written much over the last few weeks since not much is happening on the Zune front. Microsoft came out with a firmware update for ALL the Zunes, and so far not a lot of headache with bugs, installation problems, etc. I’ve upgraded my Zune 80 and everything seems to be working fine (knock on wood). I still have the occasional video file syncing problem, but for the most part everything works pretty good.

I do have to say, in my opinion the Zune is making a challenging run at the iPod community. With features like WiFi (and the ability to download music from any WiFi hotspot (like McDonald’s)), music download tagging from the radio, games, etc. the Zune is looking pretty damn good! I’ve never owned an iPod before, but I would certainly recommend to friends to check out the new Zunes.


3 thoughts on “The Zune world appears to be calm and steady…

  1. Nick Thomson says:

    I can’t agree with you on this. There appears to be a problem in playing certain videos on the Zune following recent upgrade. For example I subscribe to Anderson Cooper’s AC360 Podcast and have not been able to play several of these on my Zune. Try for example the recent debate between Mccain and Obama that came in 2 parts on AC360. I lost sound, the video went frantic and Zune did not respond to button commands for 10-15 seconds after pressing. The podcasts played OK on the PC Zune 3.0 software component though. Really annoying. Everything else on Zune seems to work fine though.

  2. Kerchak215 says:

    I got my 80G last Christmas. Other than not being able to to figure out how to get a DVD ripped to it, I have had no problems whatsoever. …Until I downloaded 3.0. I have had to reboot the device twice in the three weeks or so since I upgraded. The clock is cool, and I love the free games, but I’m now leery of a device that I once had confidence in.

  3. zunetips says:

    Kerchak215- So far, I haven’t had to reboot my Zune 80 at all. Now, I don’t have a lot of music synced to it, but I do have lots of WMV files. I wonder if a music or video file is causing some problems? Maybe a bad podcast?

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