TV Shows preimere and possible cancellation (already)?

Some of my favorite new shows are starting up again with new episodes, and my TV tuner card is busy recording and processing them for my Zune. Shows like Life, Heroes, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles are back in full swing. With my TV Tuner card and DVRMSToolbox software I should never miss an episode while I’m on business travel.

One thing I read recently, is that the Fox network is considering canceling The Sarah Connor Chronicles show. This show just started it’s 2nd season (after a short 1st season run), and already there’s talk of cancellation. It seems that if a show isn’t an instant hit, networks want to yank it immediately. Why not give a show some time to build up, and have it’s characters develop? Who’s deciding what shows are good and which ones should be canceled? Mindless reality shows seem to popup and stay on the air forever, but dramatic shows like Jericho and Journeyman get canceled after one season. Of course, it’s people like me that record shows and have software to cut out all the commercials that networks don’t like. But hey, I watch enough live TV and am subjected to plenty of commercials to support the various networks, so I don’t feel bad about it.


2 thoughts on “TV Shows preimere and possible cancellation (already)?

  1. elvis says:

    i agree. good shows are being pulled off the air while garbage like gossip girl and one tree hill stick around. i loved journeyman and it had such potential but never stuck around long enough. i was hoping it would have gone to sci fi.

    p.s. check out fringe on fox. its getting good.

  2. zunetips says:

    Elvis: I’m liking Fringe. I thought I wouldn’t, since it seemed to be an X-Files ripoff, but it seems to do well on it’s own. I especially like Joshua Jackson’s character, with his sarcastic comments to his father! 🙂

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