Google Phone, Anyone?

T-Mobile recently release the new G-Phone, which is based on the Google OS called Android. It has similar functionality to the Apple iPhone (touch screen, finger sliding, etc.) and is creating a lot of buzz in the cell phone community. Since the Android OS is open-source and free, any cell phone provider could put the OS on a capable phone and sell it. Although on the surface it appears that the G-Phone is in direct competition with the iPhone, in my opinion it is in a head-to-head competition with the Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone devices. Google appears to be Microsoft’s main nemesis lately (and not Apple), so I’m sure they’re scrambling to create a better version of the Windows Mobile OS.

So, how many of you have a G-Phone? If so, what do you like and dislike about it?

The biggest limitation that I see for me, is the inability to sync with Microsoft Exchange (which is what my company uses). If I can’t read and send emails, sync contacts with MS-Outlook, etc. then that seriously limits my cell phone’s usefulness. Sure, there’s different applications that you can run on your PC to sync MS-Outlook calendar data to Google Calendar, etc. but they really don’t work that well. I’ve tried the utility provided by Google to do this, and it can’t sync all the atrributes of my appointments correctly.

Also, T-Mobile is the only carrier that sells a Android OS phone, so I would have to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile to have a G-Phone. Even still, raising the bar with cell phone capabilities (as Google as done with the G-Phone) can only force Microsoft and other developers to create better phone devices for everyone.

Your comments? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Google Phone, Anyone?

  1. AntiK says:

    Since it is open source, it will be like 2 months before some guy writes a program to sync them.

    After I do some more research into Android and after a few reviews of it, I think I might either buy a new phone or just install it in my blackberry. I remember reading an article that you could install it on a current smart phone and wipe out the old OS. I don’t know the specifics on this though. Some exploration on Teh Internets! could prove useful in finding this out.

    For sure mods will be created, and your sync issues will be solved.

  2. zunetips says:

    Let’s hope so!

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