Google phone gaining popularity?

androidI’m seeing more and more TV ads for the new Google phone (G1), so it seems T-Mobile is really pushing it for the upcoming holidays. I’ve been researching the G1 phone by reading forum postings, online reviews, etc. and it seems like a very promising phone for the masses. I’m all for being an “early adopter” for high-tech gadgets, however, I’m just not ready for getting the G1 phone. From what I’ve been reading, there’s lots of issues with the G1 phone (running the Google Android OS) that are deal breakers for me. For example:

  • Inability to work with Microsoft Exchange Servers for syncing emails, contacts, and appointments
  • Unreliable system notifications for incoming POP/IMAP emails and text messages
  • Unreliable scheduled downloading of POP/IMAP emails
  • Hardware issues (creaky screen, crooked screen, flush keys on the keyboard)
  • No virtual screen keyboard
  • Only available on the T-Mobile network

I’m itching to get the G1 phone so I can develop and sell applications on the Google App Market, but I’m not willing to do so just yet until several of these issues are fixed. To write good apps for this phone means I’ll need to get one and use it as my primary cell phone. That way, I’ll understand first hand what users need for useful applications.

One thing to note: Microsoft seems to be chasing companies that have good products such as the Zune chasing the iPod (Zune Marketplace and the iPod iStore), Windows Live Search chasing Google search and maps, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if all the rumors regarding the Zune phone come true, since Microsoft could be chasing the success of the iPhone AND Google Android phones.


4 thoughts on “Google phone gaining popularity?

  1. Col says:

    Ive had the T-Mobile G1 Google phone (still not quite sure what to call it) in the uk for about 2 weeks. Have to admit that I love it!

    I still cant get over the fact that I have access to the internet all the time now, at home, at work, on the train….everywhere. And the package means that everything is uncluded in the price of £40 per month! Wizard!

    Re your fears, and this might be different if you not based in the uk:

    only use outlook for work so not worried about exchange
    not had any problems with pop
    not had any problems with text messages
    not had any problems with screen or keyboard (but it is slightly crooked, if you look at any pictures of it they show the screen slightly askew so deffo as designed)
    lack of on screen key board is annoying, but not a deal breaker as you get used to it

    in its favour, the touch screen is fantastic, texting and emailing is very easy, browser works well.

    The only real issue I have with it is….the battery life is AWFUL!!! Less than a day before needing a recharge

  2. chad says:

    I liked your article. I am in the similar situation because I am a BlackBerry guy. But my wife wants the g1 so she ordered it. I am not a developer but I would not mind teaming up with one. I think I can come up with ideas on what people may want but I need time to play with it first.
    I own a few popular blackberry sites and I have the mediums to get traffic which could equivocate to sales so perhaps we may be able to chat one day on doing a g1 app together for the masses.

  3. zunetips says:

    Col: From what I’ve read in the various G1 forums, the text and POP/IMAP email notifications can be delayed if the G1 is in “sleep” mode. That is troublesome, since I use my phone for my job and I need to get email notifications reliably. My current Motorola-Q phone works well for email notifications, so to replace my Moto-Q with a G1 would require similar reliability. I also need Exchange email and calendar syncing since my company uses that system.

    In addition, having a virtual keyboard would be nice so the user doesn’t have to flip up the screen and switch to landscape mode to use the hardware keyboard whenever text entering is required. I’m sort of describing the iPhone, however, I much prefer to wait for an updated Android OS phone since it’s such an open system.

    For battery life, my current Moto-Q phone will last about 8 hours on a charge which is sufficient for my requirements (I also constantly charge my phone in my car and at my desk when possible).

    I’m glad you like your G1, and hopefully the Android OS will catch on with other cell phone carriers.

  4. zunetips says:

    chad: Seems like Blackberry users really like their instant emails and having reliable email notifications is a must. So far as G1 app development, I’ve read up on Java programming and also Android OS programming, and have the required development software loaded on my Desktop PC (I’ve even written some test applications for the Android phone emulator). If I do get a G1 phone, my first few applications will be necessary tools that I personally need (e.g., an “eWallet” program to encrypt passwords and personal data, business expense and mileage tracking application, advanced checklist program, etc.). It’s hard for me to find the time to work on such development, so I’m not sure when I’ll really get started with it.

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