I’m Addicted to Reading Forums

I think I’m an addict. I just can’t stop reading the postings on discussion forums. Lately, I’ve been reading four different forums on the topic of the T-Mobile G1 (Google) phone, and I just can’t stop… someone please help me!!

Although these forums offer good tidbits of information, I’ve come to the realization that the majority of people who post forum messages are 12 to 17 year-olds. The biting, nasty comments, misspelled words and bad grammar, and sometimes childish responses is starting to be a real turn off. It seems that with the anonymity of the internet and hiding behind an avatar login name, most forum posters feel they can be as rude and nasty as they want. Would they actually say these comments directly to my face (or in front of their parents)? Probably not. Maybe I’m becoming an old fogey, but I just find this environment distasteful. If so, why do I still pursue these forums? Probably because I get intermittent reinforcement with the few gems of knowledge that I happen upon.

I will have to say that reading the G1 Phone Forums has educated me on the the current issues with the newly released Android OS phone. Although the G1 has a very promising new OS, it just seems riddled with bugs and problems. Those that love the phone accept the fact they need to pull the battery on a daily basis to solve a “frozen” state, or that the email and phone notifications are unreliable, or that the it doesn’t have support for MS Exchange syncing. Most of the forum postings deal with people exchanging their “black” G1 phone for a “white” phone, then switching back to a “black” phone because they can’t decide on what color they like. A lot of time, these posters will ultimately leak out that their mother or father is paying for their phone service, etc. (again, supporting my theory on the 12-17 year-olds). As such, I’m holding off getting a G1 phone until possibly next year when other carriers will possibly sell their own Android OS phones.


One thought on “I’m Addicted to Reading Forums

  1. yanaqa19 says:

    reading is intersting


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