A perfect gift for Christmas…. the Zune!

xmas1With how tight money is these days and the threat of layoffs, etc., my wife and I decided to not buy each other Christmas gifts this year. I’m ok with that, since I really don’t need or desire anything. I’ve got my Zune 80 (which was a gift last Christmas), my desktop PC and laptop are running fine, and I got a Magellan GPS device for my birthday in October, so I’ve got all the gadgets I can deal with! However, we are getting each other “stocking stuffers” as my wife puts it so we both have a little something on X-mas day.

These stocking stuffers are usually under $10 gifts, mainly candy, etc. But for this year, I was thinking of getting my wife a Zune 8 GB (it should fit in her stocking). I truly believe it is always better to give than to receive, so surprising my wife with a Zune would make me feel good on Christmas. The thing is, would she like it or want it? She’s never had an iPod or other MP3 player before, but she does have a lot of CDs which she use to listen to at her former job (she works from home now). She also listens to radio stations and TV shows at her desk using a TV tuner card (that I installed earlier this year in her computer). As such, she just might like using a Zune.

I started to think, that she could keep the small 8 GB Zune in her purse and listen to music while she waits for her doctor appointments, or maybe when she’s scrapbooking. She could use the FM Radio tuner for some variety, or even listen to a few audio podcasts. Heck, since she has a TV Tuner card already installed in her Vista machine, she could also do what I do, and have her favorite TV shows converted and downloaded to her Zune!

After I thought about all this, I realized how wonderful the Zune is as a gift. It’s a great media player that is extremely versatile, compact, and easy to use. Of course, the $150 price tag is a bit over our $10 limit for stocking stuffer items, but I’ve learned to be a good husband, you simply can’t be too cheap on your wife’s gifts. 🙂

Now, I’ve got to hope that she doesn’t read my blogs or she’ll know my diabolical plan… Merry Christmas, my wonderful wife.


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