A User’s 1-Year Zune 80 Review on Cnet

Zune Image 1Here’s an interesting review on cnet.com from a person who owned a Zune 80 after one year. He mostly critized the Zune in his article for lack of desired features, and I disagree with him. Obviously, I must think the Zune is a formable MP3 player since I’ve created this web blog :), however, I do honestly think it is a very nice media device. I’ve also owned my Zune 80 for one year now, and I’m very happy with it. Admittedly, I primarily use my Zune for watching videos (which may not be the norm compared to most people listening to purchased music), but I also like the FM Radio Tuner and the ability to watch and listen to video/audio podcasts. The Zune interface is very easy to use, and I do like the Zune Software on my Desktop PC.

Understandably, the iPods are more prevelant since Apple hit the market first and made the portable MP3 players very popular. In fact, the name “iPod” has become a generic label for all MP3 players, just like “Kleenex” for tissues and “Band-aid” for bandages. Most people don’t know what a “Zune” is, but they certainly know the name “iPod”.

One thing is for sure, the Zune user interface is very nice, so much so that rumors are stating the Zune UI may be integrated into the Windows Mobile OS for phones and handheld devices. So will the Zune ever be as popular as the iPods? Probably not, unless Microsoft does some very heavy advertising….


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