Do you play games on your Zune?

pongWith the latest Zune firmware update, a couple of games are now included on the Zune. Question: How many of you actually play these games? Personally, I’m a bit paranoid about pressing the hardware buttons on my Zune 80 so many times in succession for playing these games, for fear of breaking them. As it is now, both the back and play buttons are slightly depressed from the front surface of the outer case, so I certainly don’t want to have them permanently depressed even further. I tend to baby my Zune 80 so that it will last as long as possible, and pushing the buttons an excessive number of times may not be the best thing.

Living in the Seattle area, I know several companies that Microsoft contracts with to do fatigue testing on their hardware products (e.g., mice, keyboards, etc). Then have specialized machines that repeatedly press keys and buttons on their hardware devices and based on test results they can determine the “life” of the product. So, was the Zune tested in this fashion for pressing the buttons for gaming? Is the Zune tested with the same life-cycle requirements as the PSP or DS Nintendo gaming devices? If I had to guess, I would have to say not. Just something to think about…


One thought on “Do you play games on your Zune?

  1. Yipcanjo says:

    Glad you asked! I’ve played games on my Zune quite a bit, actually, though I’ve tapered off somewhat since getting my G1 phone. That said, I really played Hexic a lot when I first got it (great game!), and then migrated over to Texas Hold ‘Em after the second set of released games. Neither of those games are real “button crazy”, so I’m not especially worried about shortening the life of the hardware.

    Here’s hoping that more games are released soon! 🙂

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