Help with Video Conversion Issues

video_reelI’ve been responding to a lot of postings for people having issues with video conversions, specifically, getting errors when running the Windows Media Encoder 9 utility or other conversion software. In some cases, an error message appears, and in other cases, the audio might be out of sync with the converted video. My first guess in these cases is a bad, corrupt, or conflicting video or audio codec installed on your computer system. As I’ve mention in previous postings, a codec is module that can decode and encode video data for playback on a monitor or screen. Almost all videos use some sort of codec for compression (to save on disk space). DVDs primarily use a MPEG2 codec for videos, so you need this codec for watching DVDs on you PC using your DVD reader.

For most people (including myself), codecs on your PC can get messed up when you install and remove various trialware version of converter programs. Most of these programs will install their own flavor of a codec and sometimes will not uninstall it when you remove the application. For more details on what to do to remove and resolve codec issues, check out my previous posting titled, “Video Codec from Hell!“. Also, check out the posting called, “Where Can I get Video Codecs?” if you’re trying to find a good or reliable codec for your video conversions.

Also, be very careful when removing codecs. You don’t want to indiscremently remove codecs as you could cause problems with your PC system. Just remove the codecs that you feel are suspicious or ones that you tried installing with a trialware video converter.


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