Did you get a disfunctional Zune for Christmas?

When I was 12 years old, I got a shiny new 10-speed bike for Christmas. I was so excited to test it out, I rode down to a nearby department store and cruised through parking doing figure eights on Christmas day. Unfortunately, after about 15 minutes of riding I ran over a nail and quickly had a flat front tire! Since I didn’t have a tire patch repair kit, all I could do was push my bike home and stare at it waiting for the stores to open up the next day. Man, that day really sucked!

Likewise, I’m wondering how many new Zune users are in a similar situation today. Getting a new Zune as a Christmas gift, and finding that it just doesn’t work has gotta suck. Having to take it back to a brick store and waiting in the long lines will be a royal pain, and if you have to send it back to an online store that will take even longer to get a working Zune.

I ask this, because I was pursuing the Zune.net forums and I noticed a lot of postings today where people have Zunes that were Dead-On-Arrival (DOA), or their Zunes won’t hold a charge, or simply won’t even turn on. 😦 There was also one guy who for some reason plugged the sync cable into his Zune upside down (thinking that either direction would work) and frying his Zune. Another kid plugged his Zune into his computer, initiated the firmware update and walked away, while his sister came up and unplugged his Zune in the middle of the update process (ouch!). I feel for some of these people who are excited to get a Zune and it just doesn’t work out for them (on Christmas day, to say the least).

In any case, here’s a few simple steps you might following setting up your new Zune:

1) Go to http://www.zune.net and download the Zune 3.0 Software, then install it on your main PC
2) After you install the Zune software, connect your Zune to your PC using the provided sync cable
3) If the software informs you that you need to upgrade the firmware on your Zune, do it! However, don’t walk away from your Zune during the firmware upgrade (in case your little sister decides to unplug it).
4) Once you’ve made all your desires settings, go to the Zune Marketplace (using the Zune software on your PC) and select whatever music or videos you want to download (and purchase) for your Zune.

For freebies, you can always sign up for video and audio podcasts for your Zune (again, from the Zune Software on your PC). Of course, all of this requires your PC to be connected to a live Internet connection.

Also, I would imagine that lots and lots of other new Zune users are trying to access the zune.net web site, download music and videos, etc. so have some patience…


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