Gotta Love Vista… not!

For some reason, the Zune software on my Vista desktop PC wouldn’t connect with my Zune 80. I know that my PC sees the Zune 80 because I hear an audio tone when I connect it to the USB port, however, the Zune software ignores it. Now, I’ve been fiddling with my system settings and services, so I thought I may have turned off an important system service that caused this connection problem. After several different reboots, the Zune software still didn’t see the Zune 80.

Finally, I went into the Services control panel and started re-enabling the handful of services that I turned off yesterday. Finally after turning everything back on, the Zune software recognized the connected Zune. I then went in and began turning off each of those services on-by-one, and after turning off everything again the Zune software still found the Zune! So what was the problem? I don’t know. Maybe turning on and off a service got everything working again… ugh. Let’s hope everything stays connected from her on.

Update: ( 8 Feb 2009 ) – I’m still having sporatic issues with my Zune 80 not connecting with the Zune Software. I’ve tried using differnt USB ports, but it seems that I need to reboot my Zune and my Desktop PC to have the Zune software recognize it. Coincidentally, my wife recently has been having the same problem with her Vista Desktop PC and Zune 8 GB. Sometimes the software will “see” the connected Zune, and sometimes not. I suspect it might be a automatic Vista update that was installed recently that is causing the problem, but that’s my paranoid side talking. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Gotta Love Vista… not!

  1. AntiK says:

    Yeah, that happened to me as well a while back, and after much lurking in random forums and also posting in said forums (you should start that forum btw), I discovered that a main issue is the USB port the device is connected to. I found it to be strange, but its true. my zune works on all my ports save one.

    Is this what happened to you? I’d like to know for my own sake.

  2. zunetips says:

    Antik: No, the USB port that I’ve been using for over 1 year now (it’s actually a powered hub) still works. I’m not sure where the glitch came from. I also reinstalled the Zune software and did a reset of my Zune, but nothing fixed the problem until I enable the described services, and then disabled them again. Go figure…

  3. AntiK says:

    Damn, that is a fickle program.

    So, in summary, it may not work through some USB ports to begin with, and then those that do work to connect the zune could, and most likely will, fail.

    They should allow files to be added through WMP or Winamp as well, or let it show as an external device…

  4. Adam K says:

    You sure you didn’t just disable a required Zune service? That sounds like the issue to me…

  5. zunetips says:

    Adam K: I only saw two services that appeared related to the Zune, and both were running. In any case, everything seems to be working ok now.

  6. zunetips says:

    AntiK: I agree, in that there should be an alternate way of putting files on the Zune other than using the Zune software. I’m sure someone might have a hack to do this (such as mounting your Zune as an external device), but I don’t have the time to mess around with that. 😦

  7. AntiK says:

    using a hack is just asking for more problems though. Yeah, it works fine for a bit, but the end result is that you will mess up your device or it will be complete unrecognized by your computer.

    Happened with my creative media player when I hacked it.

  8. Chase says:

    I typed in “usb device not recognized zune” on And i found out that while your zune is plugged into your computer just restart the zune and bam!

  9. den says:

    was wondering if you’re able to access the zune marketplace from your vista. it doesn’t work for me when i connect to my boyfriend’s vista laptop. would you know if there are any solutions for this?

    also, i remember reading somewhere that someone was working on putting the software on the zune itself so the device can sync with just about any computer it plugs into. i can’t seem to find updates on this though. hope you can help. 🙂

  10. zunetips says:

    den: I don’t seem to have a problem connecting to the Zune Marketplace on my Vista PC (my wife does so routinely with no problems from her Vista Desktop PC). What happens when you try to connect?

    So far as software loaded on a Zune for syncing, the only thing that I’ve read that is remotely similar is software that will allow you to use your Zune as an external hard drive for storing files. I haven’t read of anything for syncing your Zune to multiple PCs. You could do a search on or for a possible solution.

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