Zune Remote Issue… Solved!

zune_remote1Another issue that I was having was my Zune remote that I use with my 1st Generation round dock. For some reason, this remote seemed to stop working. I tried resetting the remote by opening and closing the battery cover, but it still didn’t work. I also pulled out the flat sliver-oxide battery and checked the voltage level using a multimeter, and it showed 3V left.

In any case, I read in a forum posting that a low battery level may cause the remote to stop working, so I went down to my local Radio Shack store and bought the CR2032 battery for the remote. Once I replaced the battery, the remote worked again! So, the moral of the story is replace the battery if your Zune Remote doesn’t appear to be working (no matter what you think the remaining battery level is!).


One thought on “Zune Remote Issue… Solved!

  1. Chris says:

    Voltmeters are nearly worthless for testing batteries. Modern voltmeters have very high impedance and do not load the cell. So while it still had it’s rated 3v, it was probably incapable of supplying sufficient current to properly power the remote. If you can find a proper battery tester, it’s a lot more trustworthy for testing batteries, since it puts a load on the battery to test it. I use a little $7 one from Radio Shack.

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