Recent Upgrade Screws up DVRMSToolbox

video_taggingIf you read my general tech blog ( you’ll see that I recently upgraded my Desktop PC with a new motherboard. As such, I decided to reinstall Microsoft Vista and all my various application files (to have a fresh, clean start). I discovered in short order that my process (using DVRMSToolbox) for converting recorded TV shows to WMV file format (for my Zune) was broken! The big problem was the WMV file created by the application DVRMStoWMVD (provided by the maker of DVRMSToolbox), as the audio gradually became out of sync with the video. I could not find a way to fix it, so I used a different approach outlined in this blog posting. Even that method had some OS issues, so I describe how I fixed it.

So if you’re having similar conversion issues, check out this blog posting for a possible solution.


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