New Star Trek Movie Definitely a Fresh Start

I’m a closet “Trekkie”, having watched Star Trek since I was a small boy in the late 60’s. I also watched all the re-runs from the original series (TOS), all the various “Star Trek:” TV shows as well as all the theater movies. When Star Trek: Enterprise came out on UPN, I was hoping that a prequel show to TOS would bring a fresh perspective to the Star Trek anthology, however, Enterprise ended up being as formulaic as ST:Voyager, ST:DS9, and ST: The Next Generation.

star_trekI recently saw the new Star Trek Movie by JJ Abrams, and it certainly was entertaining, and very different from the past Star Trek incarnations. The movie uses familiar wording and phrases (Starfleet, phasers, hailing frequencies, etc.) as the previous Star Treks, and the same character names, but everything else seemed very different. It was definitely geared toward the younger crowd, with fast paced action and a very edgey feel with all the close up shots.

I have to say that my two favorite characters are Scotty and Dr. McCoy, as they were both pretty funny and quite the characters. I won’t give any more away for those who haven’t seend the movie, but the other characters are somewhat different than their TOS counterparts.

I’ll also say that the next Star Trek movie better be well written with a very good story, otherwise it will be a let down after seeing this exciting revival!


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