Comcast Digital Takeover

tv_setI got a card in the mail last Friday notifying me that Comcast will be switching their premium channels over to encrypted digital signal, so that means I’ll need to get a set top box for all TVs which I want to view such channels. Currently, I have set top boxes for two of my TVs, but come June 22nd I’ll need a set top box for my PC which has a TV tuner card. Fortunately, Comcast will provide me with two set top boxes free of charge, so I ordered them online this afternoon. I should get them in 3-5 days by mail, after which I’ll have to configure them to work with Vista Media Center and my PC Tuner card.

Since my TV Tuner card (or PC) can’t change the channels on these set top boxes directly, I’ll need to also get a special MCE remote control with IR emitters (or “blasters”) so that Vista Media Center can change the set top box channels. It’s a real hokey setup using IR emitters, etc. but I don’t have any other practical options. As such, I’ve also ordered a Vista Windows certified remote from ($33.00 US) which should also arrive in about 5 days.

So, once I get everything delivered and working, I’ll post back about my success and/or failure so you’ll know how it all turns out!


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