Can’t Convert AMC TV Recordings

videosThe other day I recorded “The Searchers” (old John Wayne movie) using my TV Tuner card in my PC with Vista Media Center, and I noticed that DVRMSToolbox had difficulty converting the recorded DVR-MS file to WMV format for my Zune.  Upon inspecting the generated log file, I noticed that the conversion software crashed. I then tried several different methods for converting the DVR-MS file (to WMV format, to MPEG format, etc) but everything I tried failed.

I then did a Google search on the topic, and discovered that the AMC (American Movie Channel) broadcast must have DRM protection enabled. As such, I can watch the recording on my PC but I can’t convert the video file to any other format. What a bummer! So, there’s not much I can do to get this video on my Zune, so “The Duke” will have to wait until I have time to watch it on my PC screen. 😦


One thought on “Can’t Convert AMC TV Recordings

  1. Infininja says:

    I could be eloquent, but I think this best sums it up:

    DRM blows.

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