Defying Gravity=Virtuality?

I just watched the 2nd episode to the new SciFi series, Defying Gravity, and it reminded me a lot of Virtuality. Both shows involved a group of astronauts on a deep space mission and covers the issues of being cooped up in a confined space. Although Defying Gravity doesn’t have a virtual reality component to it (as with Virtuality), they seem to have a similar spaceship, same number of astronauts, etc. There’s also some sort of meta-physical aspect of the show, where strange things start to happen unexplained.

The biggest difference, is that Defying Gravity is a series while Virtuality was just a one-show pilot episode (which apparently wasn’t picked up by the networks). So, I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching Defying Gravity, but it might old me over until Stargate: Universe goes online! 🙂


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