Just Pre-Ordered a Zune HD

zune_hd_wideWell, I bit the bullet and pre-ordered a Zune HD 32 GB player. It was just too good to resist! šŸ™‚

Now, I wasn’t too sure what the big advantage is to pre-ordering versus just buying it at a local retail store (since either way it is available Sept 15th), but since my wife gets a 10% discount from Amazon I asked her to order it for me. So, hopefully Amazon won’t have any big shortages and I’ll get my Zune HD around the release date.

Normally, I’m not the type to pre-order anything. I usually wait to read reviews, check out my potential purchase live at a local store, and finally agonize over the actual need to make the purchase. In this case, since I already have a Zune 80 that works perfectly fine for my needs, I ‘m a bit surprised at my uncharacteristic decision to pre-order the Zune HD.Ā  After looking at all the new features, it wasn’t too difficult for me to justify upgrading to the Zune HD. Of course, I’ll need to get use to going from 80 GB of storage to 32 GB, but I think that is manageable.

What I’m really looking forward to, is having a slimmer unit that is lightweight, has a larger and nicer touch screen, and has the ability to access the Internet with a web browser. I can certainly see myself pulling out my Zune HD to check my email or read some news at Starbucks or any other locale with free WiFi. And because of the smaller size, I will certainly be tempted to take my Zune HD with me to more often than my heavier Zune 80.

What I find interesting, is that the Zune HD appears to be superior to the iPod Touch. Granted, Microsoft has mimicked the user interface of the Apple iPhone/Touch, but I think they added a lot of flair to it. The hardware appears to be nicer than the iPod Touch (in my opinion), and I think Microsoft has a real winner here. If they can get developers to create apps for the Zune HD, that would be the icing on the cake! šŸ™‚

Once I get my Zune HD I’ll post my personal review of the player and will give everyone the pro’s and con’s compared to my old trusty Zune 80.


4 thoughts on “Just Pre-Ordered a Zune HD

  1. Anurag says:

    I’m still not sure if I should order one or not. I know I want one, but I would like the black one with 32gb of space. I’m not sure why MSFT is not releasing the 32gb Zune in all black.

  2. zunetips says:

    Anurag: I read in a posting some where that Microsoft probably wants to distinguish the 16 vs 32 GB devices with their ads, etc. for launch day and that is why they have two distinct colors. From what I understand, you can order a Zune HD in several different colors from Zune Originals on Sept 15th, so you should be able to get a black 32 GB Zune HD after the 15th.

    I currently have a black Zune 80, so going with a Platinum colored Zune HD is a nice change. Of course, I’m going strictly by the pictures posted on the web since there aren’t any available to see in person.

  3. Anurag says:

    Gotcha. That makes sense. But yes, I’m really impressed with MSFT recently. Windows 7 looks promising and ZuneHD looks like the first real real competitor to Apple’s Ipod/Itouch. I owned a 80gb black Zune as well, but sold it early this year when I heard that a new device is in the working.

    The only issue I have buying it from Zune Originals is, first I’ll get taxed and secondly they charge for shipping. That’s about $40. I guess I’ll wait for Sept. 15th and check it out how the “platinum” looks at a store and then make a purchase. I wish they came out with 64gb version. Oh well, can’t have everything. Thanks for the quick response.

  4. zunetips says:

    Anurag: Yes, including shipping cost and tax does start to bump up the total price significantly. If you order online from some sites such as http://www.newegg.com I noticed that they offer free shipping. Personally, I would prefer to buy my electronic hardware from a local brick store and pay the local taxes. That way, I can quickly return and exchange it if it has any problems.

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