Buyer’s Remorse is Now Kicking in…

buyer_remorseOk, my natural instincts are kicking in– I’m having buyer’s remorse after ordering the Zune HD. As I laid in bed last night watching a Monk episode on my Zune 80, I was thinking that my current Zune seems adequate for my needs. With the 80 GB storage space, I don’t have any worries  about filling it up…. will a 32 GB Zune be enough? That is my biggest concern.

I don’t have a lot of songs on my Zune 80, but I do have lots of videos (TV shows) and audio/video podcasts which definitely take up a lot of space. A typical 320×240 1-hour video takes up about 380 MB of space, so 80 videos is about 30 GB of space. Now, 80 videos may sound like a lot, but that’s only 8 episodes for 10 different TV shows.  Of course, I probably won’t have the full 32 GB of storage space available to me, so it will feel confining not to have the same space as I have now on my Zune 80.

In the end, I think it will be worth it to have all the new features of the Zune HD (i.e., high resolution OLED touch screen, HD Radio, Internet Web Browsing, etc.) and sacrifice some storage space. I could wait for a Zune HD with more storage, but it probably would cost much more than $300 US (which is over my limit for a media player).  So, I need to just sit tight and not ruminate over the lesser storage space of the Zune HD, and hope Sept 15th comes up fast!


5 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse is Now Kicking in…

  1. Robert Davis says:

    I still have the original 30G Zune & have 15 full length movies, 175 music videos, ton’s of music & all my pic’s on it. Don’t worry 32G won’t be so bad. Just deliete episode’s once you have viewed them & your world won’t come to and end. Just kiding, 32G with all of the new features will be just fine. I skipped the 2nd Gen. Zune just because I knew something really great would be coming out in this Gen. even though the 80G & 120G were tempting. My Nephew has aready bought an 80G then the 120G & plans on getting the HD. Look at all the money I’ve saved. I can’t wait till the release.. .

  2. Steve says:

    I never got a Zune 80 or 120 and am still using my 30. It holds enough video podcasts and songs for me with room to spare. I find that I don’t have enough stuff to put on it. I have about a dozen kids movies on it for my girls as well and I would be fine with handing it down to them when I get a Zune HD. I would give it to my wife (she says her Zune 8 doesn’t have enough room for the movies she wants to take along) but I think she’d dislike the size and weight of the 30.

  3. zunetips says:

    Yeah, I’m kinda over my buyer’s remorse phase. 🙂

    Robert and Steve: You’re right, in that the Zune 30’s seemed adequate for most people, so the new Zune HD with 32 GB should be enough for me. I’ve just gotta either watch the TV shows I record and transfer to my Zune or delete them. Currently, I have a lot of TV shows and movies on my Zune which I just don’t have time to watch. I usually just watch two of my TV recordings every night and I’ve got a lot of extra videos that I never watch.

  4. Alphonzo says:

    I also store alot of movies on my current zune and, yeah, the zuneHD may not be sporting idea storage now, but I also think the added features may make up for it in the meantime.And since i’m not planning on getting rid of my 80, and it’s not full yet, I could always go back to it for my movie fix.

  5. Heather says:

    I’m also nervous about the storage space!! I have a Zune 80 (which I love) and I use 98% of the space. We have an enormous music collection (120Gb & growing) and I carry about 45Gb of it with me (rest is podcasts, tv shows & movies). I guess I’ll have to pare it down because the Zune HD has too much going for it for me to NOT buy it! I want the HD radio, the new interface, and am really hoping for Ap support…

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