Fix your Video Codec Problems with AntiPack

videosAndy Babgvant (famed DVRMSToolbox developer) has recently put together a freeware package called AntiPack, which is a set of video codecs and tools to help those having issues with video conversions. As you may have read in some of my previous postings, using bad or inefficient video/audio codecs can be root of most video conversion problems. AntiPack was designed to avoid this, give the user a concise set of codecs that work on a PC system (ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7). Now, I trust that Andy knows the process of video conversions, so I’m sure that AntiPack will work on your system. Personally, I haven’t tried out AntiPack as of yet since I’m trying to diagnose an issue with the USB controllers on my home PC. I’ll definitely give AntiPack a test run when I get Windows 7 installed on my system in October.


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