Zune HD Demo at local Best Buy Stores

Apparently, the Zune HD has been spotted at several different local Best Buy stores in the US. It still isn’t available for purchase, but representatives at Best Buy were demoing certain features of the Zune HD. Here’s a link to one person who commented on what he saw at a Best Buy demo. In general, it sounds like all the features talked about in the beta reviews still hold for the production units.

The only downside noted, is that the Zune HD doesn’t come with the premium ear buds but rather the standard ones. This seems strange, since my Zune 80 came with the premium ear buds which I really like (since they insert into your ear canal and cut out a lot of background noise), and the Zune HD seems to be the high-end Zune in the product line. Whatever the case, I have an extra set of Zune premium ear buds (from last Christmas) which I can use when my current ear buds give out.

Here’s a pdf file that contains a list of cities that will be demoing the Zune HD this weekend at a local Best Buy store.


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