Will my Pre-ordered Zune HD arrive early?

packageFor the last three months, my 5-year old son has been waiting for the release of the DVD, Hero of the Rails, which is a Thomas the Tank Engine animated movie. My wife pre-ordered it from Amazon.com, and it was due to arrive on Sept 8th. My son was very anxious to get this new DVD, so he was constantly asking us when it was going to arrive. Whenever he’d ask, I’d mentally picture the calendar for Sept and count down the days to Sept 8th.

Surprisingly, this highly anticipated DVD actually arrived early, showing up on Sept 4th. Boy, was my son happy! He grabbed it from my wife’s hands and began kissing it, profusely thanking us for getting for him. Consequently, he’s been watching it non-stop since he got it yesterday afternoon.

I commented to my wife, “I wonder why he got the DVD early when it was suppose to be out on Sept 8th?”. Having worked at Amazon.com briefly a few years a go, she responded that Amazon will often ship pre-ordered products early to Amazon employees as a courtesy as soon as they receive them. Since Amazon still has my wife’s account flagged as an employee’s, they must have still been following those informal rules.

As such, I’m wondering if my Zune HD will ship early as well. Supposedly, it is due to arrive from Amazon.com on Sept 15th (when it is also available to the general public in stores), so I’m wondering if I will get it a few days early? Let’s hope so!

So I wonder, if I constantly ask my wife, “is it here yet?”, will cause my Zune HD to magically arrive sooner like my son’s DVD? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Will my Pre-ordered Zune HD arrive early?

  1. Anurag says:

    I just ordered mine today…well, my bday is coming on the 14th so my sister ordered one for me. Lucky me. I really wanted the black one, but need at least 32gb of space. Since, I’m traveling abroad on the 20th, I didn’t want to wait till 15th to order from MS website.

    I’m now eagerly waiting for my ZUNE HD. I’m also hoping that you receive your order early and would love to read your review of it. I think you are more honest in your reviews than sites like zunited and zuneboards, so looking forward to your review.

    Keep us posted. 🙂

  2. zunetips says:

    I’m also eagerly awaiting my Zune HD to arrive on the 15th (hmm, hope my wife really did order it for me?!!). I’ll certaiinly post my impressions after getting it (particularly in the area of videos).

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