Patiently waiting…

calendar_iconWell, I was hoping that my Zune HD would magically arrive a few days early so I could play around with it this weekend, but no dice. 😦

So just a few more days and I should have my new 32 GB Zune HD to replace my trusty Zune 80. Hopefully, the Zune HD will fit in my round dock, but I wonder if it will also fit in my small travel case? Will it also work with my currently installed Zune software, or will I need to use the new software to be released by Microsoft on the 15th?

I’ll certainly need to put a plan in place to limit the number of TV recordings that I sync with my Zune HD, since I’m going from 80 to 32 GBs of storage space. I may need to write a simple program that monitors the size of the files in my Zune sync folder and copies my converted TV shows from DVRMSToolbox to a “holding” folder on my PC if it gets full. Or maybe I need to stop recording so many TV show! 🙂


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