Quick first impressions of my new Zune HD

zune_hdI just opened the box to my Zune HD and I’m letting it charge for a while (the note on the clear plastic cover stated to charge for 30 minutes before first use), but I wanted to give everyone my brief first impressions:

  • The Zune HD is incredibly small, much smaller than I imagined. It’s very thin and very narrow. The screen is slightly narrower in width compared to my Zune 80, but longer in length (much like a wide-screen HD TV set).
  • It’s strange to only have one center button and no back and play buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • The interface looks great, and flicking the main menu up and down has such a nice fluid motion with the text.
  • You need to sync your Zune HD to your PC before you can access functions like games, internet browser, etc.
  • The 32-GB model has a nice brush-aluminum look to the front case. The overall build quality looks really good, with a solid metal feel.
  • The unit is very lightweight, but not too light to where it would feel flimsy.
  • A good case seems to be a must to prevent any accidental damage from drops and falls.
  • The earbud jack is on the bottom of the unit instead of the top (as with my Zune 80), so that might take a little getting use to.
  • Even though I turn off the device (by clicking the button on the top), the Zune HD keeps turning back on and playing the demo video. I think it’s waiting for me to sync it to my PC to begin using it.

The Zune HD definitely looks futuristic next to my Zune 80. In fact, my Zune 80 looks down right “stone-aged” next to the slick and slivery Zune HD. But before I do any actual syncing, I’ll need to clean out my Zune video collection to pare it down to a reasonable size (below 32 GB). BTW, when I opened up the box it smelled like Christmas!

More comments and reviews after I do the syncing. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Quick first impressions of my new Zune HD

  1. Anurag says:

    I got mine today as well from amazon. I actually really like the silver color. I checked out the black one in Best Buys and it was nice, but I like the “plantinum” a lot. So far, I’m really impressed. Haven’t used all that much, but uploaded couple of apps from the software, and the screen is just amazing. I wish they came out with 64gb version.

  2. zunetips says:

    Anurag: I also wished I had more space, since then I wouldn’t need to be so careful about not filling it up with so many recorded video files!

    I’m currently trying to find optimum video conversion settings so I can have the best quality image for the Zune HD but still keep the file size at a minimum. I’ll post my recommendations later when I get it all figured out.

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