What’s Inside the Box…

cardboard_boxThe Zune HD box looks very much like the boxes for the Zune 80 and other flash-based Zune players, so no real change in exterior packaging. Inside the box included the Zune HD (obviously) with a standard USB sync cable and some standard earbuds (not the premium earbuds with the marshmellow fit). Also included was some documentation and user guide explaining how to use the touch interface for the Zune HD.

The Zune HD itself is really quite small, being much smaller than I expected. Because the sides of the player are tapered, the Zune HD appears really thin compared to the Zune 80 and other media players. Overall, the Zune HD is smaller in height and width compared to the Zune 80.

The screen is also smaller in width but larger in height compared to my Zune 80’s screen. It reminds me when comparing and old picture-tube TV with the newer HD-compatible LCD flat panel screens. You’re giving up some height but getting more overall width in the screen image. Having an actual touch screen is really nice, although the touchpad on the older Zunes seemed to work well for me. So if you’re going from a Zune 80 to a Zune HD, be prepared to watch your videos on a smaller (but wider) screen.

So that’s it with the box contents… now we’ll dive into syncing and later using the different features of the ZuneHD!


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