Zune HD compatible with existing accessories

sync_cableThe USB sync cable that comes with the Zune HD appears to be identical to the standard sync cable for the older Zunes, so it seems that such accessories are compatible. I tried using my old round dock with my Zune HD and it worked fine syncing files from my Desktop PC to my Zune.

I can only imagine that all the existing Zune accessories will work with the Zune HD, which is a good thing!


2 thoughts on “Zune HD compatible with existing accessories

  1. Robert says:

    I have the ’round’ Zune A/V dock from the generation I and II Zune players.
    After removing the ‘adapter’ plate that holds my Zune 8GB in place my Zune HD fit in perfectly. [One tip, ‘unlock’ your Zune HD before placing it in dock.]
    Anyway, the dock and remote control work great; Play, Pause, FastForward, Raise/Lower Volume, Skip.
    Remote does not appear to let you navigate the Zune HD menus however.
    I have not tried dock’s video-out yet. I have noticed on the Zune HD, in the Settings > Display menu, there are video-out options (TV(HD, composite)).
    Can’t wait to try that out.

  2. zunetips says:

    I also have the same round dock on my desk which I use to charge and sync my Zune HD to my PC. What’s nice, is that I can also use the same dock to sync and charge my Zune 80 (the Zune software can distinguish between them).

    I also have a remote and found some limitations as you mentioned. I’m assuming the newer remote control will allow you to navigate the menus.

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