Zune HD: Missing Manual?

manualNormally I don’t read the manuals or user guides when I get electronic gadgets (who does?). For the most part, I can usually fumble my way around and figure everything out. However, there are a few things with the Zune HD that I just couldn’t figure out. For example, how do you change radio stations? On my Zune 80 I just swipe the touchpad area to the left or right but on my Zune HD, swiping the screen didn’t seem to work. After experimenting, I discovered that you need to swipe on the center of the screen area, right where the radio frequency number is displayed. I also had some issues figuring out how to enter a web address in the internet browser app.

The literature that came with the Zune HD just had a simple “Quick Start” guide, which didn’t go into specifics on how to operate most of the Zune HD’s features, or what some of the displayed icons mean. So, I decided to search the Zune.net web site for more details and came up with just some more vague descriptions of how to use the Zune HD. Apparently, Microsoft just assumed you should know how to use these features or be able to figure them out on your own. I guess I’m getting too old or just can’t figure out stuff anymore.

So, I began Googling around and found some good videos of people showing off how to use the Zune HD. Watching some of these videos did help me figure out how to use my Zune HD better. Jason Dunn at ZuneThoughts.com had some good videos of the Zune HD that I found enlightening, so I highly recommend you visit his site to learn a bit more on how to use your Zune HD.


5 thoughts on “Zune HD: Missing Manual?

  1. Robert Davis says:

    Here’s the link to Zune.net official users manual.

  2. Jabez B. Wright says:

    How do you unlock the password for the Zune HD? did not know it even had one.

  3. Steve H says:

    Thanks for your post. This is very helpful.

    I really enjoy the HD digital FM radio in my zune hd. The sound is super and most hd stations don’t have many commercials .. especially .2 and .3 stations (ie. 103.7.2)

    My battery drains too quickly. Maybe it’s the touch screen or turning on in my bag, but I enjoy the zune in the morning and go to enjoy it at night and the battery is drained. I’ve tried to manually turn it off, but it turns itself back on.

    Also, I bought a Bdvd of Star Trek with a digital copy and got it downloaded for Windows media player. But the movie doesn’t load on my zune. I can only watch it on the computer at home .. which I can do with the dvd in the Blueray player. 😦

    Thanks for the links. Very Helpful !

  4. zunetips says:

    What format is the digital copy of Star Trek? Is it MPEG2, WMV, MP4, AVI? If it isn’t WMV or MP4 then you’ll need to convert to one of those formats to view it on the Zune HD.

  5. Wolfgang R. says:

    Hello, I got a Zune HD, too. I agree, the manual delivered with the device is pretty poor. Not much of a manual.
    For switching the device OFF: make sure you really push the button on the top long enough until the screen displays the message ‘Swipe down to turn OFF’. Otherwise it will rather be in ‘standby’ than being ‘Off’.

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