Zune HD Tips

With the lack of good documentation, you’re forced to figure out how to use the different features of your Zune HD by trial-n-error. Below are a few tips that I’ve come across that may help get you started:

1) When you’ve drilled down into several layers of menu picks, you can jump back to the previous screen by tapping the top of the screen (on the “breadcrumb” text) as shown below:


2) To change radio stations, you need to finger swipe either left or right at the center of the screen (right on top of the station frequency number) as shown below:


3) When using the Internet Browser app, you need to use your finger and swipe up from the bottom to expose the box where you enter a new URL address (see below):


Once you do that, you should see the URL box as shown below:


If you tap on that URL box, the virtual keyboard should appear as show below. If you want to quickly clear out whatever address is already in the URL box, just tap and hold down the button on the upper right corner of the keyboard as shown:


You’ll see that the displayed URL text will be erased leaving only the “http://” text,


Now, these simple tips may or may not be so obvious. They weren’t so obvious to me as a new Zune HD user, so I thought I’d mention them in my blog. There’s lots more similar Zune HD tips on the AnythingButiPod.com site.


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