Zune HD… so far, so good.

I’ve been using my Zune HD ocassionally during the day listening to HD radio and for about 2 hours each night watching videos. It’s a really nice media player, and in my opinion superior to the Apple iPods. Having the smaller screen takes some getting use to, as I’m accustom to watching on a square screen rather than the longer-width HD screen. Of course, I’d probably have the same issue if I bought a new wide screen TV since I’m use to watching shows on my old-style picture tube TV. 🙂

Not having hardware buttons to navigate and control my Zune is still taking some time to get use to, but that is to be expected. I definitely like the bright colors on the OLED screen, and I have yet to run out of battery power. Some day I’ll have to do an informal test and see many videos I can watch before I run out of juice.

The one glaring difference between my Zune 80 and the Zune HD is the location of the headphone jack. On the Zune 80 it is located on the top, so I can simply plug in my Zune 80 into its dock for charging without having to disconnect the earbuds. Not so for the Zune HD, since the earbuds are located on the bottom of the device. Not a big deal, but just one extra step to do in the morning when I dock my Zune HD. It would be nice if the Zunes used the inductive-charging technology that the Palm Pre smartphones use…


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