Zune WiFi Issues?

While I was on business trip last week, I decided to bring my new Zune HD along for the ride. It was loaded with lots of TV shows that I’ve recorded over the weeks, so I thought I could catch up on watching my various shows while resting in my hotel room. Just as a test, I tried to connect to the hotel’s WiFi which my laptop was using for an Internet connection. My Zune HD found the hotel’s WiFi (and a few others), but it failed after several attempts to connect. I just thought it was a fluke, where the WiFi signal might not be strong enough or something.

Well, last night I tried connect at home to my WiFi and I got the same intermittent connection with my Zune HD. Sometimes it would connect, and other times it wouldn’t or would disconnect. So, I’m not quite sure if  the problem is with my Zune HD or if it’s an issue with my aging WiFi router. Boy, I hope my Zune isn’t defective, as it would be a hassle getting it repaired.

I’ll probably head off to Fry’s Electronics either today or this weekend to get a new WiFi Router since it would be nice to upgrade mine from the “g” protocol to “n” for distance and speed. I’ll let everyone know if I still have WiFi issues with my Zune HD afterwards.


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