Windows 7 Pre-Sale Pricing… False Advertising?

I noticed in the newspaper this morning that Fry’s Electronics is having a 1-day sale of Windows 7 Professional full version (pre-order) for $129.99 US. Since the full version retails for $299.99 US, this seems like a great deal. However, upon close inspection of the ad I noticed that this version is being called “OEM for System Builders” which made me a bit suspicious.  Since I normally build my own systems for my own personal use, you would think that this “system builders” label would apply… and it does, in a way.

After googling “OEM System Builders”, I learned that this particular version of the OS has a limitation where you can only install it on one computer. It is also tied to the motherboard of the computer so you can’t replace the motherboard at a future date and reinstall Windows 7. So you basically can only install it one specific computer and that’s it.  Since I often upgrade the motherboard on my main desktop system on a regular basis (for speed-up reasons or to replace a defective board), the OEM System’s Builder version wouldn’t work for me.

So just a friendly warning if you run across an ad like this in the newspaper or on, etc.  I’m planning to wait until after Oct 22nd (official release date) and head down to my local Costco store to pick one up.


3 thoughts on “Windows 7 Pre-Sale Pricing… False Advertising?

  1. Robert Davis says:

    I’ll probaly do the same & might even wait untill the begining of 2010. I waited a few months after Vista was released & saved about $45. I bet after the holidays you’ll start seeing alot of deal’s on Windows 7.

  2. Robert Davis says:

    Not related but here’s a great travel case for your new Zune. At only $12.95 you have to get this case to protect your investment. My Marine nephew loves the one I got him.

  3. zunetips says:

    Robert: I didn’t think of after holiday sales… that’s a good idea. I will probably bite the bullet and get my main desktop PC upgraded when the OS is first released, and wait to upgrade my laptop and other computers. I live in Seattle, so I often do the “Usability Studies” at Microsoft in Redmond, WA where I can get free copies of the OS. One advantage of living so close to Microsoft’s headquarters.

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