Get Zune accessories really cheap!

When I first bought my Zune 80, I wanted a docking stand for my desk to hold it while it synced to my desktop PC and charged up. I didn’t want to buy an expensive 2nd-generation dock, so I opted for a 1st-generation dock (designed for the original Zune 30) since they were much cheaper. The only problem, was that the new Zune 80 model was a bit too thick and wouldn’t fit in the dock’s slot very well. To solve that problem, I simply removed the top plate which gave me just enough room for the Zune 80 to fit.

Now that I have a new Zune HD which is much slimmer than the Zune 80, I was able to put the top plate insert back into to the dock and continue to use it for syncing and charging. If I bought a new “v4” dock (designed for the Zune HD) it would cost me $50 US, so I’m certainly getting my money’s worth with the round dock.

In doing a search on, I noticed you can still get this same round dock for $1.99! If you include the $4.49 shipping cost, that brings the total up to $6.48 which is an absolute bargain if you’re looking for a Zune dock. If you prefer the rectangular “v2” dock you can get one for $14.49 (including shipping) also.


If you need an extra Zune USB sync cable, you can get one on for $3.60 (including shipping). A Zune wall charger can be bought for $3.64 from also. A pair of Zune Premium earphones are going for $11.99 including shipping.

So there’s lots of bargains out there online, and fortunately the connectors on all three generation of Zune devices are the same, so you can use the same accessories.


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