EncodeHD – Another video conversion utility

encodeHD_0EncodeHD is another video conversion tool that you might consider for your video needs. It is basically a simple front-end interface for FFMPEG, which does all the heavy lifting for the conversion process. You simply drag your source files into the main area of EncodeHD, select the output type, and click the “Start” button. Very easy to use, however, you don’t have a lot of control over the settings used (unless you already know the FFMPEG command line flags, in which case you can enter them under the “Advanced” screen).


Here’s a list of target devices that EncodeHD can create videos for. As you can see, there is an entry for “Zune” and “Zune HD”.


As a test, I converted a DVR-MS file (which is basically a container for MPEG2 video and audio) to a Zune HD output, and EncodeHD generated an MP4 file. So, EncodeHD only creates Mp4 formatted video files, not WMV files for the Zune. When I check the details of the generated MP4 file, I see the following attributes:


The video bit rate seems pretty high (which is good) but the frame rate doesn’t seem correct to me. In any case, this might be a good simple tool if you want to do some quick conversions. EncodeHD also uses other freeware utilities such as AtomicParsley to embed some meta data tags (e.g., video title, description, etc.), however, none of those tags are read by the Zune media player.


One thought on “EncodeHD – Another video conversion utility

  1. Zak says:

    Zune media player does read some of the AtomicParsley tags. Most importantly, it reads the Series Title, which lets you automate the conversion process and setup a sync group for a particular show. It also reads the Episode Title tag.

    AP doesn’t support the “Category” tag, though, so it *appears* that Zune does not support tags. If you Edit the properties for a video that you’ve tagged with a Series Title and change the Category from “Other” to “Series”, you’ll see the Title show up.

    It’s not perfect, but some tags are read by the Zune media player.

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