Target stores getting rid of Zunes?

target_logoI was at my local Target store and noticed that they were missing the Zune HD products. In fact, they only had a few of the older Zunes available and everything was marked as “Clearance” (the Zunes and accessories). So, it seems that either Target will no longer sell the Zunes at their local stores or they are trying to clear out everything for new Zune HD hardware and accessories? I’m not sure.

I do know that across the Zune display aisle is the Apple iPod assortment of products which seems to be selling in full force. What gets me, is that I don’t see a lot of advertisement for the Zune. The Sunday paper is full of ads for the iPods, but I rarely see anything for the Zune. I’m sure that if stores did more advertising, the Zunes would definitely be selling more. Go figure. I guess we’ll see what happens over the Christmas holidays.


One thought on “Target stores getting rid of Zunes?

  1. Red5 says:

    Up here in Minnesota, most of the older Zune stuff is sold out. I did pick up 4 A/V docks for the price of 1 plus a few other accessories super-cheap including the Altec Lansing inMotion speaker dock.

    If you have a Target in your area, be sure to look at some of the aisle end-caps, where Target usually puts their clearance items. You may find a few gems for the older generation Zunes. I even saw a 120 GB black zune for $170 on one of these endcaps.

    As for the Zune HD at Target. I’ve only seen the 32 GB models and they are located on the pegboard (locked) next to the non-iPod mp3 players. Zune no longer has a nice locked case with it’s accessories.

    Your local Target may be different, but in at least 4-5 of them around here, I see the same thing happening.

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