Using Live Mesh to access my recorded shows

For the last year I’ve been using Windows Live Mesh to sync files between my desktop PC and various laptops that I own. The process works well, and is very transparent. I basically have folders on my Desktop PC that I’ve designated as Live Mesh sync folders, and any files put in those folders are automatically synced with a similar folder on my other laptop machines. Thus, I can have certain files synced an accessible on all my computers.

In addition, Live Mesh has a “virtual desktop” which is in the cloud (Internet) where I can sync files (there is a limit on total storage size, though). That way, I can store and backup important documents online just in case my computers are damaged in a fire, stolen, etc. What’s really nice, is that Windows Live Mesh is free to use and works very well.

This week, I’m traveling up in Canada and although I brought my Zune HD for watching recorded TV shows, I can’t access the shows that are being recorded nightly on my home PC system. So my favorite shows for this week (24, Fringe, etc) are inaccessible to me while I’m hundreds of miles away…. or are they?

The hotel I was staying at had a fairly high-speed Internet connection (4 MB/sec download), so I was able to access my home PC via a Remote Desktop Connection using my Dell 11z netbook. I then copied two WMV video files (converted from the Windows Media Center WTV format to WMV using DVRSMToolbox) from my standard Zune sync folder to one of my Live Mesh folders. Once I did that, those two WMV files were automatically synced to my Dell 11z laptop via the internet. Each video file was about 450 MB in size, and they seemed to sync over to my Dell 11z in about 2 hours. It was slow, but worked automatically.

So now I can watch those WMV files on my Dell 11z using Windows Media Player. Although these video files were converted for the Zune screen resolution, they seemed to play back just fine on my Dell 11z’s screen when I enlarged the playback window.

So, I now have access to my recorded TV shows even when I’m away from my home PC. If I start the syncing file transfer before I leave my hotel room for dinner, the video files are usually synced by the time I get back. Of course, YMMV depending on your Internet connection speed.